Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of School for Trace...and Mommy

Yes, my first born is now in first grade. I had to stiffle a little tear this year. I had no problem sending him on to big K but this was different. We are now entering the land of homework and spelling tests. Yikes! We've hit the big time now.
Tracer was so excited for 1st grade. He was so excited to go back to school. Which I'm not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand I am thrilled that he loves school. I don't have to fight with him to get up, get dressed or brush his teeth. He doesn't fuss about getting on the bus. In fact the kid has his back pack on and is at the door 5 - 10 minutes before we have to leave ~ without my prompting. It's great. On the other hand...what does that say about me as a mom. That my sweet child is ready to pull a Tigger and pounce out the door out of my safe keeping.
Does it make me feel a little less loved...yep, sometimes. Does it make me feel like I'm losing my little buddy...yep, sometimes. Does it make me feel like he is becoming less dependent on me...yep, sometimes. Does it hurt...yep, sometimes. Is it good? Yep, sometimes.
It can hurt to see the independence rising in my child and at the same time it makes so proud. I wish so much that I could wrap my child up in my arms 24/7 and never let go. To be there to protect him in every situation. To make sure that his every need is met. To shower him with the love that he needs that we all know this world won't give. To train him in the way he should go.

Now its time for me to grow up. My son may be the one going to school but I'm the one who has learning to do. Because its time for me to really place my child at the foot of the Father. To let Him wrap my son in his everlasting arms. To let Him protect him. To let Him take care of his every need. To let Him shower him with the love that only our Heavnly Father can give. To let Him not just teach him the Truth but show him the Truth and be his Truth. Is my job as a Mom done? Never, its just changing a little. As it should. How very thankful I am that I have the Lord of all watching over my jewels.

And just so you know Trace came home from school and pulled a Tigger getting off the bus and into my arms. Thank you, Lord. When I asked him how he liked 1st grade..."It was awesome!" Thank you, Mrs. Hicks. And thank you, Lord.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Church of Baseball

Many of you know that baseball is a big deal in this family. If you have known my son long you see his love for the game. I knew without a doubt that my son would love the game before the ultrasound confirmed that we were having a son. Trace was doing the Tomahawk Chop before he was a year old. The first song he learned was Take Me Out To The Ballgame. He went to his first Braves game before he turned 2 and actually sat through the game completely mesmerized until he finally fell asleep after the 7th inning. He is the kid who knew the Braves line up at two-and-a-half. Not only did he know the lineup order but he also knew which way they would bat. He has been playing on teams since he was 2. Some would say that is too young but again if you know my son you understand.

In this house - which we will be naming Phillips Phield soon - you are allowed to throw balls in the house. We do have batting practice in the living room. The pillows become bases and then it's game on. Do things get broke? Yes. Are there holes in my living room walls? Just far. Has Shea-Shea been hit in the process? Yes, but the girl better get used to it - the balls are soft.

In Traces mind and heart the Braves live here. Tim Hudson hits home runs at our house. John Smoltz strikes everyone out. Chipper Jones is one of Trace's good friends. Hank Aaron is still playing the game. Babe Ruth is still alive. And Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez - think The Sandlot my friends - is as real as any pro player.

If I ever have a problem getting Trace to do anything I used to rely on reverse psychology. Now all I have to say is "Chipper Jones would do it". Chipper Jones LOVES his vegetables. Chipper Jones makes his bed. Chipper Jones helps his mommy clean. Chipper Jones rubs his mommy's back and brings her flowers - I haven't tried this one yet but its coming! Basically Chipper Jones does whatever Mommy needs and Trace will do whatever Chipper Jones does. Thank you Chipper!

I knew that my child's love of baseball ran deep but I learned just how deep when his teacher sent home a message for me. The class was learning a new Bible verse. The verse was...

In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1

My sweet boy learned the verse quickly - in his own baseball lovin' way:

In the innings, God created the Heavens and the earth. Genesis 1 to 1.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So Spiritual - Part 2

This morning my friend called to tell me that her son was sick and wouldn't be going to school. Once I got off the phone with her I told Trace about his friend and I told him that we needed to pray for him so that he would get better.

Trace blessed my heart when he just started praying for his friend to get better. He started with the "Heavenly Father" and ended with "In Jesus Name". I was lovin' it. Then he told me that it was my turn to pray. O.k. I can do that. I need to be that example for my son. I need to show him that prayer and talking to God is vital to our spiritual health. So I prayed.

Well, T decided that he needed to pray again. I'm all for people lifting up each other in prayer but this was getting long and Momma has to get things done. But this is a lesson in prayer so I sweetly smiled at my precious son as he began praying for his friend once again. This time however the prayer was longer and a bit more elaborate. He was now praying for everyone to get better, for leadership, and for other things that I was surprised that he would even think about.

Now I am thinking - as he is praying - how precious this is. How I almost missed this moment because of the things I needed to do. How proud I am that T would think of such things that so often I forget about. Well, I should have known better. After "In Jesus' name" had been said I heard my oh so competitive son say, "That prayer was gooder than the other one." The 'other one' meaning my prayer. Yes, my friends - the Prayer Wars are on at my house.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So Spiritual

I'm sure we all have a friend who has a child who is just so good at memorizing scripture or knowing and understanding Biblical stories. You've heard them say,"I think I might have a preacher on my hands." I am always amazed at these children. I think it is wonderful that they love the Word of God at such a young age. I am also so impressed by the parents. I figure they must be such good spiritual leaders and examples to their children. Something I should aspire to be.

So - after saying this you will understand my pride when I tell you what Trace did today. First you must know that my son is OBSESSED with Superheros right now. Life is all about Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Flash Gordon, Hulk, Wonder Woman and even the Wonder Twins (remember them???). In order to let Trace get some Biblical teaching with this superhero craze we introduced him to Bibleman via DVD. Yes, my friends Christians do have their own hero to defend our virtues and morals.

Needless to say Trace loves Bibleman and I'm good with that. I'm good that when he starts sword fighting with me he says that he is using the Sword of the Spirit. I good that he breaks out his pirate shield and that becomes his Breastplate of Righteousness. I'm good that Bibleman is teaching him Bible verses.

I must also tell you that Trace is really good at memorizing the script in movies. Not just little bits here and there but whole monologues. He is so mucn like his daddy and Aunt DaDa.

Now I can tell you why I'm so proud. You see this morning Trace was watching Bibleman defeat the enemy once more. At the end of the DVD Bibleman teaches the prayer of salvation. He tells the kids that if they want to ask Jesus into their heart that they should pray with him. At this point I heard my four-year-old saying the prayer quickly - faster than Bibleman. I was so amazed that he had memorized the prayer. I thought to myself "Is this really happening? Has Bibleman been the tool that would change my son forever? Is Trace really old enough to understand?"

Well, all those questions were answered in the next breath when I heard Trace say, "I said it faster than Bibleman. I win and he loses."

Whatever spiritual high I was on in that brief moment was quickly shot down. All I can say is this - if I have a preacherman on my hands then God has a lot of work to do!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Doctor, Doctor - Give me the News

So we went to the doc today since Shea was running a 103 degree fever and started having welts in random places and at random times. By the time we got to the doc the welts were gone - of course - and they came back after we saw the doc - go figure. We think that she is having an allergic reaction to the diarrhea formula that she needs so that her bootie can heal. But too be honest that is the least of our worries now. Shea still has a severe ear infection even after being on antibiotics for 11 days and to top that - because our daughter does not go half way when it comes to getting sick, our girl goes all the way! - she also got strep. Now for those of you who don't know strep is HIGHLY unusual for babies under the age of 2. It happens but it is extremely rare. What is even more uncommon is that she got the strep while on an antibiotic. So after a shot to take care of the ear infection we will begin yet another antibiotic on Sunday to take care of the strep. We have to wait a couple of days to start the antibiotic to give her digestive track time to get back to normal so that her bootie doesn't get worse. And if all this wasn't enough she also has eczema. Fun, fun, fun! We also need to tell you that the doc told us that she cannot be around more that 4 kids at a time and that has to be on a limited basis because her immune system is just not strong enough to take it so from here until sometime in the Spring you will probably not see Brad and I together. Our marriage is fine. We just cannot take Shea to church so that means that we will be swapping weeks to go to church so that T can still attend, we can be fed and so that we will still have some sort of connection with all of you. Obviously we still need much prayer. Mama is going to go nuts not being able to go to the gym for my 1 hour a day "alone" time.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Laundry Mystery Has Been Solved

Before you read this make sure that you have read or have knowledge of the Laundry Mystery post.

Yes, my friends the mystery has been solved. While at Zumba last night I just happened to walk into a conversation between two friends. This is what I heard as I was approaching them:
"Jenna lost her tooth and we can't find it. She doesn't remember when she lost it."

At this point I bound in with - "I have a tooth! I have a tooth!"

Come to find out the tooth belonged to sweet Jenna Fly. You see, her and Trace have become best buds during Basic Training and the two of them usually end up play fighting and tackling each other. Apparently, during one of these episodes Jenna's tooth was knocked out and ended up sticking to T's clothes.

I never told T what happened. I never told him that I found out what he and Jenna had been doing while they were supposed to be learning about Jesus. This morning we were at Sam's and my boy decided to fess up to what happened. As he divulged the situation where the two of them were "pushing each other and he accidentally hit Jenna and she bled but (he) said (he) was sorry" I had to suppress my smile and let him have his time of confession. Repentance is good for the soul. All in all - mystery solved.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Laundry Mystery

I hate laundry. Let's just make that clear now. I try to get it done as fast as possible which means no pocket checking, maybe I'll use Spray-n-Wash and colors and whites WILL be in the same load if there is not enough for two separate loads. Obviously I have had some mishaps in my days of laundry life due to my afore mentioned laundry philosophy. Yes, there has been plenty of pink T-shirts and socks. Yes, there has been many pieces of clothing that have come out smaller than they went in. And yes, there has been many loose items that have shown up in the bottom of the washer or dryer that shouldn't have been there. I'm sure most of us have found things like dollar bills (or larger bills if you're lucky), coins, tubes of lip gloss or lipstick, Kleenex, toys, balls, pieces of glass, pins, markers, crayons, shoes, etc. Well, my friends I believe I have a new one for you. Today I found a baby tooth in the bottom of my washer. Now maybe that doesn't sound too strange since I am obviously NOT good at checking pockets but the very strange thing is that - the tooth does not belong to anyone in my family. So, anyone missing a tooth???